Friday, 10 March 2023

Avalon Emerson "Sandrail Silhouette"

A week off work means more opportunities to listen to the radio whilst doing mundane tasks. Easily the most enjoyable new track to alleviate the boredom of hanging-up the laundry is Avalon Emerson's "Sandrail Silhouette". I think it's safe to say that it'll find broad appeal among fans of late period Cocteau Twins and their 4AD label-mates of the early 90s, the majestic Ultra Vivid Scene (those guitars at the start are a dead ringer for something UVS would've done). Emerson's vocals are so lovely and really cut through on the radio. I see a fair amount of folks bemoaning the fact that BBC 6Music is 'not what it used to be' or is 'too mainstream now' but as long as presenters like Nemone are giving airtime to music as pretty as "Sandrail Silhouette", I'll happily turn the dial in its direction whenever there's a spare half hour that would benefit from being sound-tracked by someone other than me.

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