Saturday 4 March 2023

Senza Di Te

"Feel A Whole Lot Better" by The Byrds is rightly considered one of the finest pop tunes of the 1960s. It also features Not Unloved's favourite guitar solo ever. A solo which I've been accurately, but smugly, referring to as 'a ceilidh in 30 seconds' for more than three decades. One of Not Unloved's most cherished gig memories is seeing Sid Griffin with his post-The Long Ryders group The Coal Porters absolutely nailing a rendition of it at Glasgow's King Tut's Wah Wah Hut sometime in the early 90s. Sublime stuff! Whilst rummaging on discogs for affordable 60s bangers recently, I spied an Italian language version by Swiss beat group Les Sauterelles which appeared on the b-side of one of the issues of their excellent "Routine" single. It's a little less refined than the original but makes up for that through the sheer attack of the performances. Unfortunately, at around 500 GBP for a near mint copy, it's the very opposite of an 'affordable 60s banger' so Not Unloved will have to make do with significantly increasing the view count on the clip, below.

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