Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Floored Genius: Kitchen's Floor

Consequently, Not Unloved has derived no end of pleasure from Australians Kitchen's Floor's debut lp.  Kitchen's Floor are the latest stop on a bus route that runs from The Red Crayola in the '60s to Swell Maps and The Fall in the '70s/'80s and Truman's Water, (early) Polvo and Huggy Bear in the '90s.  You just know that John Peel would've lovingly played several of their tracks at the wrong speed.  Frequently, the songs on "Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress" (Bedroom Suck) test the patience, which is ironic considering the album's running time of about 20 minutes.  At times singer Matthew Kennedy comes across as utterly punchable, particularly when he's just repeating the same phrase over and over again at volume.  For example, on "Twenty Two" he repeats "I am in her room" to the point where you want to shout "Good for you!" in his face with all the sarcasm you can muster.  It's nice to be poked in the ribs sometimes, though, isn't it?  It's nice to be made to react.  Musically, Kitchen's Floor deal in turmoil.  Guitars churn in a way that leaves you edgy like you've downed too many workplace vending machine espressos and the percussion is more kitchen's utensils than Kitchen's Floor.  "Deadshits" (ahem) is the catchiest thing on the record.  That said, it still has a sizable drone element.  In fact, if it were longer, it could almost be their "Ditch The Fool".  A record best enjoyed at volume when pets and elderly relatives are safely tucked up in bed.  Great fun!

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