Friday 18 February 2011

Last Laugh Records

A recent Volcanic Tongue update prompted a determined poke around the 'net in a bid to hear as many of the tracks from the 7"s reissued so far by Last Laugh Records.  Kicking up dust in the shady corners of late '70s US punk is certainly not what I expected to be doing in early 2011 but it proved hugely enjoyable.  The Zeros' "Main Street Brat" was the best of what I turned up, all teacher dissing lyrics and Olympic standard sneering:

Next best was the almost comically English sounding The Normals whose fist-pumping "Almost Ready"* is fun to sing when you need to be somewhere fast on foot.  Unfortunately, it was sold out by the time I made my trip to VT but I snapped up The Zeros and I suspect it'll be one of the first onto the decks if I ever play 45s in public again**.

* - This rather fine label's name must surely be a doff of the cap to this song, mustn't it?
** - It was actually in my record box for the recent BMX Bandits tribute night but amazingly didn't make it onto the decks.

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