Thursday, 17 February 2011

"Invited to a party hosted by The Pastels" - Lenzie Moss

Last night's Mono launch for Stuart Murdoch's collection of past writings, blog postings etc., "The Celestial Cafe", was made all the more appealing as it offered the chance for us latecomers to see Lenzie Moss for the first time.  This past couple of weeks I've listened to the songs on their bandcamp page a bunch of times and found myself increasingly smitten by their gently insistent guitars and Finlay's (MacDonald: formerly of Teenage Fanclub and the smashing Music and Movementcurrently of BMX Bandits) soft, yet rich, voice.  A voice which will, no doubt, be most commonly characterised as a croon.  If it is a croon, it's thankfully not one which ever veers into the soulless, past-aping of some of his more Brylcreem slathered peers;  there's too much genuine melancholy in it for that. Their short set (5 songs?) was even prettier than I'd dared hope.  "Where Eagles Dare", with its less jazzy take on The Zombies' keyboard sound,  was a highlight as was the song from which the title of this post was lifted: "Kelvin British Summertime".  A song which is certain to inspire some historical jealousy.  The group play Glasgow's King Tut's this Sunday, 20th February.  Oh, and they've made some of their songs downloadable for free from bandcamp for a limited period.  Get on it!

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