Sunday, 15 May 2011

Glasgow Indietracks warm-up (July, 25th 2011)

A welcome side-effect of the Indietracks organisers bringing groups to the UK who maybe couldn't afford to come otherwise, is that these groups tend to fit in additional shows around the country so, even if you don't pitch your tent somewhere near Butterly on the last weekend of July, you still get to see some exotic out-of-towners.  For example, I'm pretty sure that it's thanks to Indietracks that Glasgow has witnessed revelatory performances from New York's Paisley patterned janglers The Specific Heats in recent years.  This year's Glasgow Indietracks warm-up show is something of a Matinee Records spectacular with 3 of that label's finest set to grace The Captain's Rest's (barely elevated!) stage: Seattle's Math and Physics Club and local heroes The Hermit Crabs and Bubblegum Lemonade. As if that weren't treats enough, Chicago's heartfelt Camera Obscurists, Very Truly Yoursare also on the bill; talk about a stellar lineup!  If Bubblegum Lemonade do make their live debut, it'll be first time I'll have seen one of Laz McLuskey's groups since, ooh, The Stepping Stones supported BMX Bandits in Kilmarnock something ridiculous like 16 or 17 years ago; and they said it wouldn't happen!  If it turns out that Very Truly Yours' exquisite jangles and melancholy melodies are half as good live as they are on record, it'll be a night to cheer the soul.  So, thanks must go to the Indietracks organising committee and, of course, to Half My Heart Beats for doing the legwork to make this unmissable show happen. It's great to have something to look forward to.  Roll on July!

The utterly charming poster for the show was created by Andy Hart*.  On my old blog I wrote glowingly about Andy's illustrations for the indiepop tribute to The Ramones and I'm similarly knocked-out by this piece.  I strongly recommended getting to know his cast of cool kids and b-movie characters.  What a talented fellow!

* - There's a dandy interview with Andy on the Eardrums site that features some more of his artwork.  Smashing!

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