Tuesday 31 May 2011

Q: Are You Falling In Love?

A: Yes.

For some reason I didn't really feel either of Gold-Bears' singles so I wasn't expecting a great deal from their debut lp but I gave it a whirl anyway since it was on Slumberland Records.  It came as a sweet surprise, therefore, to discover much to admire on it, especially the title track, "Are You Falling In Love".   The idea of overlaying a Belle and Sebastian-reverent tune complete with strings and sleigh bells with the sound of a swarm of bees disappearing up a vacuum cleaner turned out to be a fine one.  Who would've guessed that?  Elsewhere there are a bunch of guitar sounds to cherish (the start of "Tally" was surely pinched from The Field Mice's autumn store of intros!), some immaculately recorded tambourines (anyone who doesn't have a weakness for them, please see a doctor now!) and plenty of impassioned vocals.  It all zips by at quite a pace but still finds the time and space for subtlety and detail.  So far it's stood up well to repeated plays and I suspect that with the addition of some summer sun its appeal will only grow.

Handily, I've just noticed that you can embed boomkat's player on yr blog so, er, don't take my word for it! (Like you'd be so dumb, anyway!)


  1. I'm well looking forward to this, but am (impatiently!) waiting for the vinyl...

  2. Ah, shouldn't be too long now. Did you buy the singles? Is so, what did you think? I'm wondering if it's time to reassess 'em...

  3. Didn't care enough for the first one to buy it; I really like two of the songs on the second single and don't care for two others. The album sounds like its cut from the same cloth as Something To Think About and So Natural, the songs I do like.