Sunday, 1 May 2011

Shimmering Stars "East Van Girls"

Seems like Shimmering Stars' brilliant single (Almost Musique) sneaked out last year while my foolish ears were turned elsewhere.  Lead track "East Van Girls" marries that winning early Vivian Girls-in-the-garage production style to a lovely tears-on-my-pillow, pre-beat boom melody.  The result recalls a less Jesus and Mary Chain reverent version of fellow Everly Brothers admirers (Shimmering Stars tackle "Let It Be Me" on the flip of this e.p.), The Raveonettes.  Generously, Almost Musique have shared all 4 tracks on the e.p. available via their Soundcloud page.  Kudos to Pebble Records for having the smarts to snag a few copies for the UK.

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