Friday, 29 April 2011

Maxine Darren "Don't You Know"

Tsk! Tsk! Look at the mess of this place... there are cd's strewn all over the place.  Ah, the joys of making mix cd's (it's not all podcasts and Spotify playlists in 2011!) for chums.  Of course, the real joy of compiling mixes is re-discovering all those semi-forgotten songs that made your heart stop when first you heard them.  Today, Maxine Darren's "Don't You Know"*  has happened to me all over again.  I was totally charmed by it back in the late '90s when I was mad keen on accumulating all 10 volumes of Sequel's Here Come The Girls series. It still possesses one of the finest intro/outro guitar lines I've ever heard; as precise and pretty as a little cut glass ornament.  Dig, too, those doo-wop style backing vocals and the key change that ratchets up the desperation to 11.  The 16 year old Maxine's voice is just the cutest thing and practically made for delivering the melodramatic 'dying'/'crying' teen heartache lyrics.  Maxine Darren was certainly one swinging little mademoiselle!

(* - it's currently available on this fine cd)


  1. thats my mummy xxxxx very proud daughter x

  2. Thank you for such wonderful comments I now sing Opera and songs from the musicals Maxine Warner you tube xx