Thursday 14 April 2011

"Masia" b/w "Jose's Instrumental"


Isn't it funny how sometimes you search and search for something truly remarkable but can't seem to find it and then, with no fanfare and with very little effort on your part, you stumble on something that sets your heart racing?  That happened a while back when I rescued (aren't I the heroic one?!) Savath Y Savalas's "Masia" 7"* from the sale.  At the time, the primary reasons for purchasing it were:

1) The price: 50p (if I remember, correctly)
2) The label art (see the slightly shoddy picture, above!)
3) The label: Stone's Throw

That is, I didn't buy it out of any drive to accumulate records by Savath Y Savalas.  For a record so unassuming and which makes its point with the absolute minimum of fuss, it has come as a bit of a surprise just how often I've been drawn to it.  "Masia" is one of those songs that, like the best of Lali Puna's work, never fails to bring some much needed calm, warmth and otherness to a day.  On the flip, "Jose's Instrumental" is equally poised, uncluttered and dappled by the late evening sun.  Unfortunately, for once, neither YouTube nor Soundcloud came up trumps but there are samples here for the curious.

* - Looks like it's still available from Stone's Throw as a freebie with any purchase of the "La Llama" cd or lp.  Buy it and cherish it like a Polaroid snap from a happier time!

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