Wednesday 13 April 2011

Hangover Lounge e.p. #2

London's most considerate (to sore heads!) and considered (check their list of previous guest DJs and bands for proof!) weekly club, The Hangover Lounge, has prepared a Record Store Day exclusive e.p. for your delectation. By all accounts, many stops were pulled out to ensure that it was ready on time so it seems only right that those efforts should be rewarded with a purchase, so that is what I'll be doing this coming Saturday.  Last year's e.p. - the club's first - contained some sublime sounds (including this wondrous cut from the prodigiously pretty Amor de Dias) that, in keeping with the musical policy of the club, didn't trouble any fragile, hung-over heads.  #2 looks set to continue this tradition if this typically gorgeous track from Paul Kelly and Debsey Wykes's much missed Birdie is a truly representative sample:

Really, there are few more life enhancing sounds than Debsey Wykes ba-ba-ing are there?  As if that weren't treats enough, it also includes Her Pop Highness Pam Berry coming on like a one woman Andrews Sisters on her first ever completely solo recording, "Wonder People (I Do Wonder)".  Oh, and I think you'll chuckle when you see the artwork!

For more information on the e.p., pop those peepers here.

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