Sunday 3 April 2011

Brave Irene

It's a struggle to think of too many artists who've never released a bad record over the course of, say, a near 20 year 'career' in music.  It's even more of a struggle to compile a list of people who've never made an average record over such a period.  If I were to draft the latter list Rose Melberg's name would be on it and right up the top, too.  Whether solo or with Tiger Trap, The Softies and Go Sailor (or Gaze, for that matter) her records have been uniformly cute, lovable and brilliant.  It came as no surprise, therefore, to discover tonight that the debut e.p. from her new group, Brave Irene, was a breezy delight.  After the gentle folk of her last solo album, Homemade Ship, it's a thrill to hear her pick up the pace once more with 8 zippy, organ-enhanced songs that could equal Go Sailor and Tiger Trap for succinct catchiness.  So, a gold star and a sugar mouse each for Rose and her label Slumberland!

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