Wednesday 30 March 2011

Pass the smelling salts, please! (Crystal Stilts)

On Monday I wrote:

"I have every confidence that their new l.p. "In Love With Oblivion" will soundtrack the blossom and newness of spring 2011 for me."

That was before this burst into my life and confirmed it!

It's just as well I hadn't heard the record before Sunday's show as I would've almost certainly been knocked out cold by "Precarious Stair" and the strident, unrelenting "Invisible City" at the very least.  I'm feelin' a little dazed by "In Love With Oblivion", if truth be told; it's that good.  If I owned 11 cd players and had 11 copies of this cd I'd pickle my head by playing every track simultaneously over and over again in a nonsensical bid to assimilate its every nuance quicker.  Sometimes recklessness and folly are the only responses to brilliance.

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