Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thanks for checking this train-wreck

Tonight's Tyvek set at The Captain's Rest reminded me of the few times I went to the climbing wall as I appeared to be suffering from sewing-machine leg for most of it.  Songs whizzed by with barely a gap for the (shamefully sparse - come on  Glasgow you can do better than that!) audience to show its appreciation, my legs shaking furiously all the while to the primal beat.  It was worth my £7 alone just to hear the rendition of "Mary Ellen Claims" but, really, for a band who professed to being 'frazzled' by touring, their whole set was a total joy.  The songs from their most recent lp, "Nothing Fits" (In The Red), sounded much less angry but no less brilliant when played by such a charming, sweet seeming group.  Former single "Sidewalk", which features what must be the best use of the word 'infrastructure' ever in a song, was played twice at different speeds; both versions great, of course.  Touring mates Pheromoans were similarly impressive.  Like, I assume, just about everyone who has ever clapped eyes on them I thought of The Fall first.  After that first impression, however, names like Swell Maps, Performing Ferrets and a raft of other more obscure acts from that heroic period of British music covered so comprehensively and lovingly by the Messthetics series, came to mind.  One of the guitarists wore the most improbable trousers - all scarlet streamers - and the worst sci-fi t-shirt I've seen in many a year; proper local market tat!  I have a feeling that the singles I bought after the show (one of which includes the wonderful "Slime Days" which shone tonight) are going to sound great alongside recent releases by The Sticks and Kitchen's Floor.


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