Tuesday 22 March 2011

Wimp Scuzz

A recent Monorail Records tweet described a record by The Mystery Meat as "wimp scuzz".  What a great expression!  I gotta say, "wimp scuzz" is the kinda genre I could really get behind.  Actually, I think I'm already up to my eyeballs in it!  Here are some fine practitioners of the craft as I understand it:

The Bachs "Free Fall"
(Monorail mentioned this smashing group in their tweet)

Index "Eight Miles High"

The Mystery Meat "Give Me Your Love"
(the wimp scuzz archetypes!)

The Dovers "What Am I Going To Do?"
(the Misty Lane 10" is WONDROUS!)

The definitive wimp scuzz compilation:


  1. I always loved Pebbles 2 which picked up on the sadder side of garage pop as influenced by The Zombies and The Byrds rather than the more triumphant strut of other Stones and Yardbirds influenced volumes (which also yielded many gems). Anyway, here's three more that probably fit into this wimp-scuzz world which I'm sure someone like Byron Coley must have already invented.

    Phil & The Frantics - I Must Move

    The Mystics
    This Is What I Was Made For

    The Choir - It's Cold Outside

  2. Thanks for sharing, they're lovely! I never knew where to start with the Pebbles series (or Rubbles for that matter) and consequently only have the Trash Box and the surf volume (which I got in John Smith's closing sale). Seems like Vol. 2 is a great starting point! That Choir song was definitely the standout on the Sundazed cd.

  3. The Phil & The Frantics track is of course called I Must Run. It's nothing like The Zombies classic, I Must Move.