Tuesday 1 March 2011

Vic Godard and Subway Sect in Scotland (soon!)

11th March: Glasgow @ The Accies Club (with The Sexual Objects & Wake The President)
12th March: Edinburgh @ The Citrus Club (with The Sexual Objects)
13th March: Dundee @ Dexter's (with Spectorbullets and Edinburgh School for the Deaf)

 (there are a bunch of English dates, too. Information here)

Not long now!  If Vic and co.'s recent album "We Come As Aliens" (cd via Overground / vinyl self-released and available at shows and Monorail in Glasgow) tells us anything, it's that these shows are going to unmissable.  It's scarcely imaginable how "We Come As Aliens" could have turned out any better: Vic is in wonderful, wayward voice, the current Subway Sect sound committed and cohesive (if only these guys could be recruited to help Lawrence of Felt/Denim realise something similarly brilliant) and the songs made it onto tape with the bulk of the energy and feeling intact.  Looking back on it, 2010 was a landmark year for that little group of kindred spirits comprising Vic, Davy Henderson and Edwyn Collins, with all three - Davy with his group The Sexual Objects - releasing vital and relevant lps.  It's genuinely exciting to have them all active and producing such great work.  I'd be letting myself down if I didn't make at least one of the Scottish shows!


  1. I won't ask how you managed to wangle not being out of the country, but I'm glad you're not missing the grand event. Wonder what the Sexual Objects have against Dundee?

  2. I'm really excited about this.

  3. Vic got lost en route to henrys, but ended up playing 4 songs and a guest spot with Shock And Awe. Robert King from the Scars also introduced his new project "Opium Kitchen" with a short set which included Jo Callis on lead guitar....

  4. Woah, sounds great! Now I wish I'd hung around Henry's longer. I saw Spectorbullets but when Vic hadn't arrived by then, sleep and the prospect of a drive along the M8 meant it was hometime. Still, loved the gig at The Citrus Club and The Sexual Objects ruled, too!