Tuesday 15 March 2011

When In Rome: Soul Food Records

If you follow the blue line to right of the cars in the picture above, your eyes will end up alighting on a tiny Colosseum.  There can't be many record shops in the world in a better location than Rome's Soul Food.  If my bank account (and baggage limit!) had permitted it, I could've gone a bit loopy nuts in this rather fine store.  Their vinyl racks were bursting at the seams - they really could do with a bigger shop! - with decidedly well-chosen titles both new and second-hand.  It's good to know that Rome's popkids have somewhere local to go for the latest Slumberland, Captured Tracks, M'lady's etc. waxings.  As it was I could only justify springing for a few 7"s from their new arrivals section and that smashing Boys Club single on Bachelor from a couple of years back.  Added plus points are awarded to Soul Food for having the good taste to spin Beat Happening's "Black Candy" when I was browsing and for releasing a rather splendid Black Time single a couple of years back.  Well worth a visit when ya need a break from the antiquities!

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