Wednesday 16 March 2011


Every day my commute to work takes me past a road sign for Blackburn, West Lothian. Recently, that sign's been a daily reminder to snap up Blackburn Recordings' lp from New York's Sweet Bulbs when it finally shows up in Scottish stores.  Blackburn Recordings scored big round these parts last year with Big Troubles' zinging "Freudian Slips" and Sweet Bulbs are set to do the same.  Their My Bloody Valentine by way of the Lilys (Slumberland / Spin Art era) / The Swirlies sound was always going to set this heart racing and my mind casting back over giddy days spent reading and re-reading each new issue of Chickfactor with Parasol Records' printed updates close at hand.  Sigh, I miss circling too many records in red biro and then whittling them down to a barely affordable few based largely on Pam Berry, Gail O'Hara and their pals' reviews.  Great days, those.

(looks like Forte Distribution have picked it up for the UK)


  1. It really is 1992 again, isn't it? This is pretty good on the whole, but some of it's dynamite, so I reckon I'll buy it. Cheers!

  2. Cool! They're a Skatterbrain tip from a wee while back.