Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pinky Blue

It's been a colourful couple of days round these parts.  Yesterday, Pink Playground's Art Fag single* plopped through the letterbox (and had its fall broken by the old pillow I keep underneath for such occasions - we don't want any bashed corners round these parts!) then today I opened the door to my postie who was holding a parcel which turned out to be The Bats "Made Up In Blue" 12" (Flying Nun) I'd bought on ebay a couple of weeks back. Excitingly, both records are brilliant. Not that in either case that came as a surprise thanks to the cd-r of The Bats' "Daddy's Highway" + singles that Did Not Chart dubbed for me a bit back (when it was outta print - thanks again, DNC!) and to Pink Playground's bandcamp page.  "Made Up In Blue" jangles dreamily and its melody just begs to be sung when your heart is full of love.  Actually, scratch that, it fills your heart full of love.  Pink Playground's"Sunny Skies" on the other hand wrong-foots by starting with a fairly functional drum machine that hints at mediocrity before bursting  into the kind of dense, swirling/chugging pop noise that is anything but mediocre and which could only ever make your day happier.  Sure they love My Bloody Valentine but that's a good thing, right?    

* - It came out in February 2011 but for some reason its existence isn't even hinted at on the Art Fag site.  Or at least I couldn't see mention of it when I was trying to buy it.  It's not in the Shop or listed on the Past Releases/Out of Print page.  Strange.


  1. My pleasure, squire. From what I've heard of the new Bats album, Free All The Monsters, it's an absolute belter. Can hardly wait for it to arrive.

  2. Ooh, exciting! I've really been slow to pick up on The Bats but the new album seems like it's going to drop at just the right time for me to enjoy. Ace!