Sunday 23 October 2011

The Someloves "Know You Now"

Being the kind of dope who lives in fear of guitar solos, power pop can be tricky.  There's always a bit of trepidation that the first 2 minutes of big, glorious pop is going to marred by excessive fretboard tickling when the solo kicks in. Thankfully, the solo on The Someloves' 1988 single "Know You Now" is brief and restrained so in no way undoes the great work done by the catchy lead guitar, dinky glockenspiels and Dom Mariani's sweet vocals.  There's a fair chance that if I'd heard "Know You Now" 15 years ago it would've sounded too buffed-to-a-shine in comparison to the abraded sounding Hood and Flying Saucer Attack records that dominated my listening back then, but it's 2011 and a big, clean, confident sound doesn't raise the indie vs major hackles to the same extent that it used to.  Plus, certain types of music just sound better minus the fuzz.


  1. The Someloves! Now there's a band. On a Perth pop scene tip, if you don't already know them, I'm sure you'll be taken by The Summer Suns.

  2. Hey chap,

    I dig The Summer Suns for sure! I have 'Calpurnia' and 3 or 4 singles. The singles, in particular, are great especially 'Honeypearl' and 'Another Carrie Anne'. Sweet.