Thursday 27 October 2011

On Fell

Hood occupy a special place in my affections.  Throughout their existence they (have?) barely put a foot wrong despite the wide range of styles, fidelities and sounds to be heard across their myriad records.  Their Yorkshire pals The Remote Viewer and The Famous Boyfriend were also responsible for some of the music I cherish most; always inventive, always fascinating.  The Famous Boyfriend also played one of the oddest, funniest gigs I've ever witnessed when, with anoraks zipped all the way up and masks on, they 'played'  (I'm pretty sure the bulk of it was on TDK D90!) in the basement of The 13th Note in the late '90s.  Given all this, I'm a bit mystified as to how I managed to remain oblivious until very recently to the fact that members of  these groups had formed a new one called On Fell.  Sure, I got the Norman Records and boomkat mailouts which mentioned their 2 singles to date - the first in February, the second earlier this month - but somehow they didn't quite register with me with the result  that the first single has long gone*.  Luckily the second is still available and it's a swish slice of soft, processed pop.  In fact, both sides get the Not Unloved thumbs up and whet the appetite for the third and final instalment of the 7" series.  Let's hope there's an lp to follow!

Some classic Hood:

* I mailed their label Moteer on the off-chance but no joy.

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