Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Still Big Red Heart Slumberland Records

Shamefully, it's been a while since I wrote about one of Slumberland Records' releases.  This should in no way be taken as a reflection of my thoughts on the quality of the records.  On the contrary, Slumberland has had another fantastic year.  I guess it's easy to take them for granted due to the sheer consistent high quality of their releases.  I guess, too, that now that other better read (ok, read!) sites are interested in Slumberland's records it can feel like they have less need for also-reads like Not Unloved getting all giddy about them.  But, so long as the records continue to be from the topmost drawer, Not Unloved will continue to get giddy about them!

The first Terry Malts 7" remains one of the most thrilling 7"s I've bought in 2011 (it's guaranteed a spot in my Top 10 of the year) so expectations were high for their second 45. "Something About You" injects a little more of The Ramones to the mix.  It is, of course, bouncy, fizzy and, most importantly, singalongably fun - even I can manage the 'oooohs' at the end!  It has a naughty word for added teen rebel appeal. Grand.

A few weeks back the cd of Weekend's "Red" e.p. took up residence in my work PC.  Anything that makes the working day go by that little bit more bearably is always welcome but it took a lot of restraint not to belt out "Hazel" whilst waiting for another 'coffee from fresh ground beans' to come to fruition from the vending machine.  Last year's "Sports" was a  startlingly good debut l.p.; all dark and pop brutal.  "Red" is a little brighter and it suits them well.

When Big Troubles (check out their chucklesomely bad website!) supported Ducktails at The Captain's Rest earlier this year it was their scrappier, noisier songs that got my heart beating the fastest so I was a little apprehensive when reports suggested that their 2nd l.p., "Romantic Comedy", was going to have a softer, more polished sound.  I needn't have worried, though, for former R.E.M. producer Mitch Easter was behind the desk and he hasn't been in the habit of ruining bands and he didn't this time.  "Romantic Comedy" is a fine record with melodies to spare.  It stands up well to repeated plays, too.

If you add to all of this that Sea Lions' long awaited debut lp* is imminent, Veronica Falls just dropped an album of the year contender and that Devon Williams released what sounds from the samples (it's yet to make an appearance in my local pop emporium of choice so I haven't purchased it yet) to be a big, confident melodic pop record, you realise just how important it is to keep on top of Slumberland's releases.

* -  Their "Let's Groove" remains the single most asked about record I've ever played out!

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