Monday, 28 November 2011

Lawrence of Belgravia @ Glasgow Film Theatre

Monorail Film Club has certainly cooked up a very special treat for Sunday, 4th December!  They're presenting Paul Kelly's documentaries Lawrence of Belgravia and Take Three Girls: The Dolly Mixture Story about former Felt (and Denim and current Go Kart Mozart) visionary Lawrence Hayward and adorable early-80s pop group Dolly Mixture respectively.  As if that weren't treats enough, after the screenings, long time Felt fan Stuart Murdoch will host a Q&A with Kelly and Hayward.   I've been keen to see both films for ages so since word got out about this event a couple of months back I've been counting down the days.  Yet another reason for Glaswegians to give thanks for Monorail Music!

My favourite Felt song (always make me a bit teary for some reason):
 My favourite Dolly Mixture song:

After the main event in the GFT, the fun continues with a We Can Still Picnic and Monorail Music organised event in the CCA's Saramago Cafe/Bar where former Orange Juice guitarist James Kirk Unloved will be spinning some sweet records.  It's a total honour to be asked to be part of such an ace evening and to mark the occasion I've bought the cutest, loveliest Christmas record to play.  If you're there and you hear it, I hope you like it!

A post-Orange Juice James Kirk gem:

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