Sunday, 15 January 2012

42/80 (Obedient Wives Club)

It's easy to be critical.  It's easy to bandy about words like 'derivative' or 'formulaic' and dismissively list all the groups who got there first when writing about new records by new groups.  It's just as easy and much more fun, however, to relax and just let the music be thrilling and pretty.  Singapore's Obedient Wives Club may be the latest in a long line of kids with Spector's Back To Mono box and a Shop Assistants by way of Black Tambourine fixation but their 4 track cd-r on Happy Teardrop is so dosed-up with fuzz, reverb and YinQi Lee's gorgeous vocals that it scarcely matters that they aren't in the business of innovation at this point in their development.  "This Is It" is the track which caught my ear first and which I've played the most but, really, I've enjoyed all 4 tracks.  The 3.5" cd-r + download is available from Soft Power Vinyl and the songs can be downloaded from the group's bandcamp page.  Best be quick if you want the cd-r, though, as there are only 80 copies!

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