Monday 16 January 2012

Los Bonsais "Ultramarinos"

Musical diversity be damned!  The third in Not Unloved's triptych of recently released fuzz-muddied guitar pop tunes comes courtesy of Elefant Records' Los Bonsais.  If their single "Ultramarinos" is any guide, these Spaniards are a little less giddy and maybe add a little less sugar to their cooking than The Garlands and Obedient Wives Club.  There's a pleasing base hum to "Ultramarinos" and it earns considerable plus points for repeating the least pretentious, least ostentatious guitar solo imaginable.  Again, it may not be novel but it'll slake my thirst for fuzz for a wee while at least.  I don't think I've enjoyed a record of Spanish origin this much since Aias's lp for Captured Tracks.

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