Monday, 9 January 2012

Birdie live in London!

Not Unloved is up to high doh with the news that Debsey Wykes and Paul Kelly's soft as snow group Birdie is playing live for only the second time in a decade and at London's pretty Union Chapel, too.  The time couldn't be more right for Birdie to return to the stage what with Paul's documentaries on Debsey's group Dolly Mixture and Lawrence Hayward from Felt finally hitting the big screens to richly deserved acclaim.  We have the smart kids behind The Hangover Lounge to thank for making this happen.  If you remember, a gorgeous Birdie song graced their second e.p. released last Record Store Day.  Anyone in the same hemisphere is urged to be there.  It's free, for goodness sake!

(I once bought a 15 7" bundle on ebay just to get "Spiral Staircase". It didn't even have the sleeve!)

Birdie take to the stage at 12:50 on Saturday, 21st January but before that Matinee's lovely Would-be-goods will be bringing their literate, pin-striped rebel songs to the Union Chapel. Best get there early, then!

(They may even play this if this video from a couple of years ago is any guide!)


  1. People: turn up early doors and catch the wondrous Would-be-goods who'll be on shortly after noon.

  2. Amen! Love Would-be-goods, too.

    cheers, b

  3. I didn't know Birdie were still active. That's great. Adn thanks for the link to 'Message To The Sun': I own both albums but didn't know EP tracks.