Saturday 24 March 2012

Bud & Kathy "Hang It Out To Dry"

Due to the need for financial prudence, if I'd had a cartoon thought bubble above my head last Saturday afternoon as I walked to Monorail it would've read: "Right. Just get the Terry Malts record and, maybe the new Grimes cd but nothing more. Absolutely nothing more".  Then I heard this tremendously crunchy slice of co-ed garage scuzz :

Irresistible harmonica!  It's the lead track on a new Big Beat e.p. of tracks from the vaults of Southern California's Downey label.  It's a strong e.p. but unquestionably it's Bud & Kathy who provide the main feature. "Hang It Out To Dry" also appears on this Big Beat cd which is guaranteed to contain a smash or two.

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