Tuesday 13 March 2012

One old, one new

Lately, there's been a distinctly classic pop flavour to the sounds emanating from Not Unloved's speakers  This is largely due to finally (it only took 13 years!) picking up Wall of Orchids' fabulous "Great Blue" cd e.p. (The Bus Stop Label) and the arrival of  The See See 's latest single, "Gold and Honey".  Across 5 superior quality songs Lane Steinberg and his fellow wallflowers demonstrate an ability to craft the kind of melodies that can part even the blackest of clouds and as if to prove the point, 2 minutes and 7 seconds into "No One's Looking At The Rain" the strings arrive like a kind of audio sun to dry up any lingering puddles.  It's a great moment which I look forward to each time it plays.

"Gold and Honey" may be much newer - it dates from the last month or so - but it, too, knows its pop history.  It's a serious-minded but thankfully never po-faced amalgam of sun-bleached mid-60s California vocals and non-wimpy, first generation Mod jangle.  Recent releases on The Great Pop Supplement label have been of a remarkably high standard and "Gold and Honey" certainly doesn't buck the trend.

(I'm guessing that it's this Paul Kelly who directed the video!)

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