Thursday 1 March 2012

Orange Disaster "Something's Got To Give"

When, in my omniscience, I drafted my Incontrovertible Rules of Pop as a mildly more agitated than normal young man (I don't think I was ever 'angry'), one of them was No Saxophones.  Over the years that was refined to No Solo Saxophones when I realised that the original wording would preclude great swathes of Northern Soul odd record by The Pastels.  Of course, there was no way I could stick to even the amended rule.  For example, Ralph Carney's visceral blowing on Galaxie 500's "Blue Thunder" was amazing therefore had to be allowed so a permitted category of Soulful Saxophone was created.  I'd used that trick before to allow the odd guitar solo that violates my strict No Guitar Solos rule; Galaxie's Dean Wareham being the prime purveyor of the Soulful Solo.  Given this irrational hatred of the solo saxophone, it's quite odd that a significant chunk of the last few nights has been spent listening to Orange Disaster's "Something's Got To Give" with its prominent (though, certainly not honking) sax.  It's a wondrously moody number with a winning late night sway and two lovely voices by a group who, according to the information beneath the YouTube clip, were one of the precursors of The Perfect Disastera group whose records I've been seeing and ignoring - I assumed they were goths - in second hand shops for a couple of decades.  It might be time for a wander down that particular avenue, I reckon.  

A quick internet search reveals that Captured Tracks' Mike Sniper is also a fan of "Something's Got To Give".  In his blog posting on it Sniper explains that the group took its name from this family of Andy Warhol pieces:


  1. Hello,

    i was wondering if there was a way to contact you to submit music (that i'm pretty sure you'd like)?

  2. Perfect Disaster were very Fire Records - so if you like the Velvets end of The Pastels / Spacemen 3 . . . .

  3. Thanks JulesLt, you've made Perfect Disaster sound very appealing! I'll be sure to give them a listen.

    Paul: Nice to hear from you. You can send any music to lebrogues at

    cheers, d