Wednesday 29 February 2012

Mother Knows Best

Throwing Up wasn't the most promising name for a group but since they had a record on What's Your Rupture? I figured they might be worth a spin.  2 minutes and 12 seconds and two scorched ears later I was a convert.  "Mother Knows Best" is an unholy explosion (I hesitate to say up) of a song that could've been unbearable had it been bellowed gruffly by a bearded chap in his pants but isn't because it's sung in a perky playground style by a young lady with a pretty voice and dyed orange hair (<-- WARNING: Only click this link if you don't mind playful water spitting).  This was posted on WYR?'s soundcloud page 4 months ago.  Shame on me for not looking before now.  They should play Glasgow with Divorce.  That would be a riot!

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