Saturday 25 February 2012

Flutter By Butterfly

Giddy, uplifting and saucer-eyed with wonder, Flowchart's "Flutter By Butterfly" (Wurlitzer Jukebox) always felt like a kindergarten version of The Orb's genius "Little Fluffy Clouds".  Over the course of two decades of music listening I can count on one hand the number of good records I've heard which feature children's voices.  The Zombies' "Hung Up On A Dream" is, perhaps, the most obvious one and I've always had a soft spot for Nico's "Le Petit Chevalier" but, really, there aren't many.  How "Flutter By Butterfly" manages to fall just the right side of sickly sweet is a mystery but it does. In recent times Girl Unit's alien anthem "Wut" pulled off a similar trick with its tampered vocals almost ludicrously stirring synths.  It, too, was great.

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