Sunday 12 February 2012

Neo(n) Boys

When I read last year that Grass Widow's "Milo Minute" 7" had a Neo Boys track on the flip, I cockily assumed that somebody had mis-typed Neon Boys.  I now know it was no such thing, Neo Boys being a brilliant early-80s group from Portland, Oregon whose "Under Control" graced a very early Sub Pop cassette.  (Isn't it great when a tiresome know-it-all gets gunked?)  I wish I'd heard their music when Lung Leg were still plying their sparky, post-Raincoats brand of D.I.Y. punk and TDK D90s were still king.  Just think of the tape segu├ęs I could've made!  Naughtily, I opted for a cheap-ish grey area issue of their "Never Comes Down" single rather than one of the pricier Trap Records originals to be found on discogs.  It is of course, wondrous.

Were someone to ask the question, I'd have to do some serious mulling-over to decide whether I liked Neo Boys or Neon Boys more.  After all, the two Neon Boys tracks on Richard Hell's "Spurts" cd always sound like world beaters.

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