Saturday 11 February 2012

Indie Label

Popkiss! was fun last night. I wore a new shirt for the occasion and to prove just what a stereotype I am, the style was 'Indie'.  Oh dear. Here's what I played. As ever, a strong representation from the mighty Slumberland .

Girls At Our Best Getting Nowhere Fast
Jo Stance Hey Girl (this was played by mistake. I actually intended to play a song with one more 'Hey' in the title!)
Los Bonsais Ultramrinos
The Delmontes Don't Cry Your Tears
The Concretes You Can't Hurry Love
Sea Lions A Cloud
Comet Gain You Can't Hide Your Love Forever
Bleached Searching Through The Past
Blondie Slow Motion
Kids On A Crime Spree Trumpets of Death
The Pastels Holy Moly
Mahogany Neo-plastic Boogie Woogie
Golden Wishful Thinking
Cudgels Joybang!
Obedient Wives Club This Is It
Big Troubles She Smiles For Pictures*
The Boo Radleys Does This Hurt?
Eux Autres My Love Will Not Bring You Down
Tracey Rogers Baby

Tracey Rogers' tough Mod stormer "Baby" sounded amazing. It appears on Bob Stanley's brilliant compilation of 60s UK beat girls which also includes a cracking Diano Dors track.  Worth hearing, too, is The Sorrows' moody take on it.

* - Credit to Angela Popkiss for suggesting playing Big Troubles' song after the Obedient Wives Club song. I hadn't spotted the similarities.

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