Saturday 4 February 2012

Sabrina Werl "Raindrops"

Last night I went to The Old Hairdressers to see new film Death of the Mod Dream.  It was an odd, unsettling, micro-budget, D.I.Y. affair which felt a bit like watching a VHS compliation of public access TV (anyone remember Laurie Pike's Channel 4 show Manhattan Cable and its cast of slightly worrying oddballs?) on fast forward.  Afterwards, as I walked home eating chips from Dinos, this song from it looped in my head:

Sabrina's vocal is wonderful,  its childlike blankness and the gauziness of the recording lending it an air of considerable sadness.  The way she sings 'open road' in her beautiful Scottish accent is knee-bucklingly pretty. Musically, it's remarkably effective, too.  Each glockenspiel tinkle is like a tiny crystal ball being shattered on a marble floor and the hazy, soft-psych guitars are just right.  That it had me desperate to hear again the stunning Christine Wanless version of "In The Afternoon" by The Revolving Paint Dream - one of the high-points of Creation Records' output, for me - is one of the biggest compliments I can pay "Raindrops".  It was worth enduring an hour and a half of bewilderment to hear such a lovely song.

Update: According to Billy Samson, director of the film, Sabrina is actually German.  If that's the case, she's a German who does a Scottish accent extremely well!

Update 2: It transpires that Werl lived in Glasgow for a decade.  That explains the Scottish touches to her accent.  Phew, glad that's sorted!

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