Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Resonars "Long Long Thoughts"

The Hollies and The Who are two 60s groups that, given my tastes, I always feel I should like more than I actually do.  Bar the odd song, however, I've never really gone a bundle on either but for some reason when The Resonars mixed one with the other on their recent-ish Trouble In Mind single "Long Long Thoughts" I was properly seduced.  From the bubblegum 'La la las' of the intro to the intermittent, manic Keith Moon-style drum battery it's relentlessly and irresistibly upbeat.  Just why I never got round to buying it before recent stints behind the decks is a mystery.  It would've sounded amazing blasting from the PA on Record Store Day or at the Aggi Doom 7" launch.  Silly me.  Ah well, it's in my record box now so if I ever get asked again...

(I got mine from those lovely Pebble Records kids!)

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