Tuesday 26 June 2012

Tom Carter (Charalambides/Zaimph etc.) fund

A few weeks ago I was sat in my car outside Mono cheerily scoffing my dinner, anticipating that night's show.  The headline group was due to be experimental icons Charalambides.  Unfortunately, however, the show didn't take place as Tom Carter from the group was taken seriously ill in Germany and couldn't make the trip. Since then Tom has been in hospital in Berlin and a recent statement posted on the Volcanic Tongue website said the following:

"Due to the severity of Tom’s illness, his hospitalization away from home, and the projection of a possible prolonged recovery, Tom and his family will certainly incur a more than significant financial burden. There will be medical bills as well as possible travel and housing expenses. It is thought that a considerable portion, if not all, of Tom’s recovery must take place in Berlin. A fund is being established to receive donations to offset these costs.".

This fund has now been established, the  details of which can be found at helptomcarter.org.  In addition, a number of Tom's friends and collaborators and some of the labels who have released his work have set up their own fundraising initiatives. Information about Volcanic Tongue's fundraising can be found here. It's admirable and good for the soul to see people getting involved to help a friend in need. If you can help spread the word, please do.

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