Friday 12 April 2013

Justin Velor feat. Gerry Love / "Marty Suicide"

Sparse, affecting and almost hymnal, Justin Velor's "Missing You" is one of the prettiest pieces of music to seemingly drop from out of nowhere so far this year:

It was released in February but nobody told me or, most likely, I was distracted and didn't listen when I was told. Gerard Love's hushed vocal is something special. Think Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain late at night in reflective, sober mood. Sometimes you don't need to shout to be heard. Not many tunes can lay claim to having one gorgeous guitar solo never mind two or three, the third (at 5mins) being worthy of Vini Reilly himself.  I'd love for it to be released on 7" vinyl.  If Brutal Music saw fit to do just that, I'd no doubt sequence it alongside something like Fuxa's* majestic tribute to Martin Rev of Suicide (Great Pop Supplement) which, again, managed not to register with me upon its release in 2011:

Martin Rev and Suicide seem to be something of a cultural phenomenon at the moment with Rev's enjoyable debut lp (which includes the deliciously creepy "Baby O Baby") having been reissued on vinyl by Superior Viaduct and Suicide's music featuring on the soundtrack to at least two recent films: new Ryan Gosling movie The Place Beyond The Pines and uplifting Ulster punk flick Good Vibrations.  All of this is fine by me!

* - I'll never forget the first time I heard John Peel say their name.  I think he relished the naughtiness of pronouncing it fuksa and not fooscha.

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