Thursday 25 April 2013

The Prefab Messiahs "Prefab Sun"

Not Unloved is spectacularly weak when it comes to keeping up a series of themed posts.  A while back there were plans to do a lengthy series of posts covering 'New (to me) vintage D.I.Y.' music. I got as far as #1.  A dismal effort all round, really.  #2 was intended to be on early 80s Wormtown (beat that for a place name!), Massachussets group The Prefab Messiahs after David and Heather Leigh from Volcanic Tongue persuaded me that I needed that group's 12".  They, of course, were right - it's a charming, addictive record of which I've grown very fond.  Their best song, however, was released as the b-side of the "Franz Kafka" 7" (Almost Ready).  Every element of "Prefab Sun" is lovable.  If, after the first listen, you're not shaking your fringe and dopily singing "Under a prefab sun. Woah! Under a prefab sun!", you wanna get yrself checked for anaemia!  It has the same winning live garage band feel as those brilliant Long Branch recordings by the The Modern Lovers and very little can match its intro for metallic (but not, y'know, metal) attack.  There's a sort of stumbling, fumbling genius at work on "Prefab Sun".

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