Friday 11 December 2020

2 ace 7"s: Typical Girls & The Cool Greenhouse

Compiling lists of records of the year in November is a fool's errand as, invariably, each December records come outta nowhere to crash the list. Among 2020's late blooms are a couple of tremendous 7"s:

Typical Girls "Typical Girls EP" (Happiest Place)

Gothenburg, Sweden's Typical Girls serve up 3 tracks (including an effervescent cover of The Troggs' "Girl Like You" that features a keyboard that, somewhat fantastically, sounds not unlike a steel drum) that are so bright the NHS should prescribe this 45 as a remedy for Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers. There's the odd hint of Korallreven's Balearic bliss to "Tension" which is so unashamedly pretty and TUNEFUL that it had me yearning to listen to groups like They Go Boom!! for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

The Cool Greenhouse "Alexa" (Melodic)

Before the world changed and breathing the same air as others seemed marginally less risky, Not Unloved caught The Cool Greenhouse live revue at London's New River Studios. They were every bit as cocky and strident as hoped. When they carved a groove and stayed in it they were immense. Their drummer was amazing that night. "Alexa" has some of the most gloriously wise-ass lyrics in ages e.g. "Alexa: Email my credit card details to my contacts list and write me an undeniably clever final line. Thanks.". Smart, cheeky, but never wacky, The Cool Greenhouse are a real tonic.


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