Monday 28 December 2020

Stirling "One Percenter" (Chunklet)

Some of 2020's most joyful noise was to be found across the 5 songs on Stirling's blasting archival (the recordings date from the mid-90s) e.p. on Chunklet. Check out the primo, full force scorch of lead track "One Percenter" :

Imagine seeing that performed live in a sweaty basement! Stirling take a flamethrower to yr favourite trash wax, gleefully melting it into new, nastier shapes like some dream The Gories/The Jesus & Mary Chain wrecking squad. Pete Wilkins (drums/vocals) is better known as the drummer for The Wolfhounds whereas Sam Knee (guitar/vocals) went on to publish a clutch of great books including the seminal "A Scene In Between – Tripping through the fashions of UK indie music 1980-1988". Stirling's third and final member, John Hannon (guitar/harmonica/vocals), has made a bunch of great records under the name Liberez and has brilliantly mastered all three of  the 7"s released so far on Not Unloved Records. Hats off to Henry Chunklet for lobbing this 7" stinkbomb into yr local record shop before running off, no doubt grinning like a loon.

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