Tuesday 29 December 2020

3 ace tracks from 12"s

Sotto Voce "Trapped Overtones" (Redstone Press/The Modern Institute

Not Unloved is a sucker for electronic music built on brittle, metallic sounds that could have been made by tiny machines hitting icicles with toffee hammers and"Trapped Overtones" is certainly one of this year's finest examples. Sotto Voce is the duo of visual artists Luke Fowler (also of the  tremendous ecstatic disco group AMOR) and Victoria Morton (formerly of the continually shifting collective Muscles of Joy and who has played live with AMOR) and, on "Trapped Overtones", Turner Prize winner Charlotte Prodger. As a boomkat would say: highest possible recommendation!

Vague Imaginaires "Mais Qu'est-ce que?" (12th Isle)

There's a fair chance that "Mais Qu'est-ce que?" was the piece of music that racked up the largest number of plays Chez Not Unloved in 2020 as it could be trusted to be left on a loop as it was guaranteed never to disappoint or grow tiresome. It sounds like it was composed and played whilst on holiday by a really good-natured robot. Gentle perfection from a French producer - Denis Morin of Grenoble - on one of Scotland's most consistently fascinating labels.

Noémi Büchi "Tap01" (Light of Other Days)

Swiss artist Noémi Büchi sure knows how to make a winning clatter. Across its two minutes,"Tap01" goes from being content to play nice to throwing a tantrum before going for a lie down in a darkened room. The whole "Matiere" 12" is a joy and should be purchased forthwith!

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