Friday 31 December 2021

A Not Unloved mix for Record Turnover

Krister from esteemed Swedish culture site Record Turnover kindly asked Not Unloved to contribute a mix to their guest mix series. Since Record Turnover covers both guitar music and electronic acts of all types it seemed only right to do a mix which reflects that. Of couse, there are some great Scottish-based acts (Soursob, Kubler-Ross and Gaming) and some smashing covers (Epic Soundtracks and friends taking on one of the sweetest tracks by The Monkees and Star Party's blasting take on Buba and The Shop Assistants genius "Something To Do").  From 2021 there's a wonderful cut from Bobby Lee's evocative "Origin Myths" lp and a track from Itchy Self's 12" that wouldn't have sounded out of place on Numero Group's tremendous Ork boxset. Of the electronic contingent there's Kara-lis Coverdale's stargazing "A 480" and a stomper from Bobby Flan's 2019 7". Hope you find something to enjoy!

  1. The Lizards (aka Epic Soundtracks) – I Wanna Be Free
  2. Awful Sirs – Rock the Boat
  3. Jason Henn – Carriers
  4. Itchy Self – Playin’ MTV
  5. Galore – Lydia
  6. Bobby Lee – Impregnated By Drops of Rainbow
  7. Kara-lis Coverdale – A 480
  8. Bobby Flan – Cone of Perversity
  9. Gaming – Otago Lane
  10. Angel Corpus Christi – John Cassavettes
  11. The Stray Trolleys (pre-Cleaners From Venus) – Secret Dreams of a Kitchen Porter
  12. The Lines – Single Engine Duster
  13. Kübler-Ross – Koss
  14. Magic Roundabout – Sneaky Feelin’
  15. Soursob – Gizmo
  16. The Staches – Crocodile
  17. Star Party – Something to Do

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