Tuesday 14 December 2021

Myrna Summers & The Interdenominational Singers

Maybe it's because the gospel music featured in the tremendous Summer Of Soul was such an unfettered joy, but Not Unloved has been banging its tambourine along with the Lord's music a fair bit of late. Finding a cheap (it's never that expensive) copy in nice condition (it's a cutout but I can deal with that in 2021), of "Tell It Like It Is" by Myrna Summers & The Interdenominational Singers (Cotillion, 1970) in an actual record shop was a real treat. The feel of this lp is great. There's so much energy and such an irresistible (holy?) spirit that even the dourest naysayers will be clapping along in seconds. The beat on "Witness" whips up the proceedings to quite a frenzy and the keyboards add some unexpected drama. Look out your Sunday best and get on the goodfoot!

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