Wednesday 29 December 2021

Some of Not Unloved's 2021 favourites

As the stacks of lps currently without a home bear witness, Not Unloved bought way too many records (and tapes and CDs, for that matter!) in 2021. Reviewing the situation, it would appear that a large chunk of these were gentle or instrumental or both. I guess that's, in part, due to another year of home working. Maybe unexpectedly, Bobby Lee's "Origin Myths" was the record that earned the most spins round here.

Not Unloved is no aficionado of dusty Americana but it instantly became a favourite and was easy to play on a loop. Rachel Love's gorgeous "Picture In Mind" album was up there, too, and there were days when the incredibly moving "Space" from Molly Linen's "Days Awake" e.p. was looped over and over without ever coming close to outstaying its welcome. As for reissues, Stephen's "Radar of Small Dogs" had been on Not Unloved's wants list for years so it was a genuine thrill when it was finally made available again even if I did pay well over the odds for a copy of Joyful Noise's "White Label Series" version only to see Liz Harris's Yellow Electric reissue the reissue at a much more affordable price a few months later. Still, what a record!

Long Players

The Umbrellas "s/t" lp (Slumberland) / Chime School "s/t" lp (Slumberland) / The Reds, Pinks and Purples "Uncommon Weather" lp (Slumberland)

Usurabi "Remains of the Light" lp (An'archives)

Bobby Lee "Origin Myths" lp (Tompkins Square)

Maxine Funke "Seance" lp (A Colorful Storm)

Rachel Love "Picture In Mind" cd (self-released)

Monokultur "Ormens Vag" lp (Mamma's Mysteriska Jukebox)

Blue Chemise "Flower Studies" lp (BAAD)

Blackwater "Navigation" lp (Ethbo)

Vanishing Twin "Ookii Gekkou" lp (Fire)

ROCK "s/t" tape (Home Assembly)  / Downpour "Do You Remember When It Was All About The Drums? Parts I & II" tape (Home Assembly) / A New Line (Related) tape "Love In A Unitary Authority. Parts 1-9" (Home Assembly)

Dean Wareham "I Have Nothing To Say The Mayor of L.A." (Double Feature)

Spread Joy "s/t" (Feel It)

The Courettes "Back In Mono" lp (Damaged Goods)

Short Players:

The Freedom Affair
 "Outta My Mind" 7" (One World)

Magic Roundabout "Sneaky Feelin'" 7" (Third Man)

Friendly Boyfriend "Pick Up!" 7" (Happiest Place)

Molly Linen "Days Awake" 10" (Lost Map)

Omar S feat. Supercoolwicked "What's Good For The Goose" 7" (FXHE)

Laurence Le Doux/Roger 3000 "Creme" 7" (Lexi Disques)

Real Numbers "Brighter Then" 12" (Slumberland/Meritorio)

Taqbir "s/t" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Michelle David and The Gospel Sessions "Yes I Am" 7" (One World)

The Pastels/Sonic Youth "Play The New York Dolls" 7" (Glass Modern)

Soursob "s/t" 12" (Hozac)

Reissues and Compilations:

Pub "Single" lp (Ampoule)

Stephen "Radar of Small Dogs" lp (Joyful Noise/Yellow Electric)

Various Artists "Choctaw Ridge" lp (Ace)

Tangled Shoelaces "Turn My Dial" lp (Chapter)

Shizuka "Paradise of Delusion" lp (An'archives)

The Clean "Tally Ho" 7" (Merge)

Various Artists "Cameroon Garage Funk" lp (Analog Africa)

Lilys "The 3 Way" lp (Sundazed)

The Ultimates "Gotta Get Out" 7" (Brewerytown)

Jose Mauro "A Viagem das Horas" lp (Far Out)

Moonlove "May Never Happen" lp (Concentric Circles)

Seefeel reissue programme (Warp)

Female Species "Tale of My Lost Love" lp (Numero Group)

Linda Smith "Till Another Time: 1988-1996" lp (Captured Tracks)

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