Sunday, 15 July 2012

I Wanna Be Free

Despite owning and loving both Swell Maps lps and Munster's exquisite box of 5 7"s, you didn't need an abacus to count the number of solo records by the group's former members I'd heard. Then, yesterday, The Pastels tweeted a link to this piano piece by Epic Soundtracks. It was exactly as they said: "Heartbreakingly beautiful late night music".  Given the wonderful, propulsive scrappiness of a lot of Swell Maps' songs, it came as a bit of a surprise and got me digging around, keen to learn more, which led to hearing this (on which Soundtracks drums) for the first time:

I'll always gravitate towards sweet-voiced songs and if they also have that Velvet Underground chug and happen to be a version of one of the The Monkees' prettiest songs, I'm gonna be trebly sold.  Totally magical.  I can imagine that Dean & Britta might have done something similar with that song.

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  1. Glad you like it - been sitting on it for 25 years so pleased to get the opportunity for it to be heard.