Saturday 14 July 2012

No. 1839 (The Mynah Birds)

Although, Record Store Day 2012 was grand fun, it was a little frustrating as I didn't actually get (or even see!) the 3 records from the list of exclusives that I wanted most. They were:

I would rather have given my pennies for a copy of "It's My Time" to a local record shop but since that wasn't possible I did the ebay dance. Co-produced for Motown in 1966 by R Dean Taylor (of "There's A Ghost In My House Fame"), it's a Stones-y folk rock smash that has a great feel largely due to the contrast between Rick "James" Mathews' strained Jagger-like vocal and the sweet, sweet backing vocals. It's mystifying that a tune of this quality managed to languish unreleased in a record company vault for nearly 5 decades, especially as it features Neil Young on guitar. Since I first head it, a favourite daydream of mine has been that one day those connoisseurs of classic pop/rock, Ric Menck and Paul Chastain, would cover it in the breezy, sunshine-saturated style of their Choo Choo Train and The Springfields incarnations.

Right. Time to find (affordable) copies of the Gene Clark singles, I reckon.

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