Thursday 5 July 2012

Keel Her "Enid Coleslaw"

Sometimes the great stuff is right under your nose and you just don't realise it.  The always ahead-of-the-race Did Not Chart posted about Keel Her a few weeks ago and I read and listened.  Only I didn't listen enough.  If I had, I would've heard the maddeningly brilliant "Enid Coleslaw" before now.  It was only when Sea Pinks included it on their astute little half hour mix for Tom Ravenscroft on BBC6 Music that I really sat up and took notice of Keel Her. Or, more accurately, nearly choked on my Halls Soother (cherry) and drowned in the bath and took notice of Keel Her.  Singing "You're living in a ghost world" in an airy  manner reminiscent of Lush's Miki Berenyi was always going to endear Rose Keeler-Schäffeler to Not Unloved but playing the perfect guitar solo with almost perceptible tongue poking out in concentration could only ever result in heart-flipped true love.  "Enid Coleslaw" was nonchalantly tucked away at track 5 of 6 on the "Emmanuel e.p." cassette/download.  I'm glad Sea Pinks were paying attention.

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  1. The variety in Keel Her's output means, surely, there's something for everyone. The Emmanuel ep is all solid gold. Good choice. "Always ahead of the race"?! Thanks for saying so, but "sometimes" is the best I ever manage.