Sunday, 12 June 2011

"Hey!!" by Barbara Mercer

It was pathetic, really.  I'd lost out in yet another ebay auction (I make that 3 times this year) for a reissue of the modern soul record I want most so, like a spoilt kid hellbent on getting a new toy and who won't take no for an answer, I looked for something, anything else that would satisfy my need for a soul record right there and then and this is what I bought:

Just listen to that voice!  Have you ever heard anything softer in your whole time on this earth?  I'm not sure I have!  Burg'n'Beans' production is classy and refined but has just the right amount of sway to banish the inertia from your feet.  I'm pretty sure I'll be "walking round on a cloud" when the postman slides it through my letterbox later this week.  As with The Petticoats 7" (see yesterday's post), it's the kind of record you want to put next to your bed so that it's the first thing you see when you prise open your leaden eyes of a morning; a reminder of the good stuff in this (golden) world.


  1. Tune! You should get your mitts on Girls Of Golden World , which features Hey and other lost Detroit femme soul classics by the likes of The Debonaires, Tamiko Jones and Rose Batiste. And I know you like a bit of Rose Batiste.

  2. Ah, I spotted that cd the last time I was in Beatin' Rhythm in Manchester. I wondered if it was a bootleg, though. Oooh, looks like Amazon sellers still have a couple:

    Kent should do one of their amazing remastering jobs on this stuff!

    cheers, d

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