Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Petticoats "Normal"

The sarcastic two fingers up to settling for a life of domesticity of The Petticoats"Normal" was one of many highlights of Stewart and Jen from Boyracer's killer "Kitchen Sounds #1" podcast in July 2008.  With it being from 1980, however, I figured that an original 7" would be tricky to track down so didn't try to and over time kinda forgot about it.  Then, a few weeks ago whilst rummaging about on Group Tightener's site*, I spied that Fungi Girls had also included it on their rather fine mix.  After a bit of internet diddling (it's a compulsion!) I'd turned up a relatively pricey N(ear)M(int) ebay copy and Stef Petticoat's discography page on which, crucially, the entry for "Normal" wasn't followed by the words 'no longer available'.  One email, a week and some exemplary packaging (much appreciated, Stef!) later and I had a perfect copy spinning on my turntable.  Hurrah!  It's a real buzz to hear those clanking guitars and Stef's refusenik vocals turned way up loud and, since I don't currently have any more Petticoats records to play, I'll be spending the next wee while in the company of The Nixe, Kleenex and Lung Leg.  Magic!

{get in touch with Stef here to bag yr very own copy to cherish!}

* - I was keen on getting their Twerps 7" but 18.50 USD for one 7" kinda prices me outta the game unless it's the best thing since "Baby Honey"...

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