Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sterling Roswell presents...

Not Unloved is completely enamoured of Psychedelic SRB's recent "Kicks Interplanetary Spaceliner" 7" (self-released via Sterling Roswell International Recordings) on which former Spacemen 3 explorer Sterling Roswell sings in lovely hushed tones reminiscent of Bobby Gillespie.  As expected, it's a spacey tune but it's not one which batters you over the head with its cosmic pretensions.  It's not all about blasting off into space, either.  There are no big musical explosions.  Rather, as the title suggests, it's pretty, purposeful music for the light years spent travelling between planets at a future time when space travel has become as commonplace as taking the bus is now.  There are so many things to love on this record especially the bits on which Roswell duets tenderly with Linnea Svensson and the guitars which unfold their neat melodies without fuss.  If you're smart, you'll pop a proton pill and grab this single before it's gone!

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